Industry News

June 27, 2016

As outlined in our previous news posts, with the introduction of the amendments to SOLAS regulations, effective July 1, 2016, the responsibility for the submission of the VGM (Verified Gross Mass) lies with the shipper. Given that Eastern Shipping Worldwide, Inc. is the shipper of record on the Master Bill of Lading, that responsibility lies with us.

This means that Eastern will submit the VGM – in the required format and within the defined deadlines as provided by every carrier/terminal.

Click here to download SOLAS VGM PDF

We will require verification that the weight of any given shipment, as submitted to us, is true and accurate. We will be asking for a signed document similar to the attached certifying the weight of a shipment. We will accept weight information via the same method we do today – i.e., as part of the regular documentation flow accompanying the shipment.

For the sake of due diligence, we will be performing spot checks on individual shipments.
As these procedures/requirements move forward we will continue to provide updates.