Case Study

Building a better shipping experience

The Eastern Way helps a new customer take total control of their transportation process.

Unlock the epitome of customer experience with "The Eastern Way" – a seamless integration of TrueQuote Pricing, RealStatus Cargo Tracking, and PersonalTouch Service. For a Construction & Building Materials Supplier plagued by inconsistency and unresolved disputes with their former freight forwarder, Eastern Shipping Worldwide emerges as the beacon of transformation. With TrueQuote Pricing ensuring precision in quotes, RealStatus Cargo Tracking providing real-time visibility, and PersonalTouch Service delivering tailored support, Eastern empowers the supplier to reclaim total transportation control. Witness a paradigm shift as Eastern orchestrates a 180˚ improvement in customer experience, setting new standards of excellence in the industry.




  • TrueQuote Pricing
  • RealStatus Cargo Tracking
  • PersonalTouch Service


Construction & Building Materials


Designing, manufacturing, and marketing of building materials for the public and private sectors of the construction industry. In addition to their focus on road construction, the company also produces a portfolio of products for commercial and residential construction. Their products serve to maintain compliance with regulatory building standards and local construction ordinances.


With their global presence and a much sought-after portfolio of products, the Company was enjoying all the successes of being a leader in their industry. Yet, when it came to managing the final leg of their supply chain, they found themselves in an ever-present struggle to overcome complications that plagued their shipping and transportation process.

First, when comparing billing with the original quote, the Company’s accounting team disputed the accuracy of the forwarder’s invoice a whopping 77% of the time.

Resolving those disputes took hours of time and disrupted their accounting department, a team that was already spread too thin with limited time for chasing invoices and arguing about upcharges.

Each time, the Company submitted formal complaints which were met with promises that it would never happen again. Until…it inevitably happened again.

The chronic invoicing problem was exacerbated by an overall lack of communication throughout the transportation process. The Company never received personal visits from their account rep. So, with no face-to-face meetings, the relationship plateaued on a very impersonal level and the overall quality of service and support inevitably suffered.

The Company was determined to find a better shipping option, and yet they were skeptical. Could the promises of any other provider possibly be different?


The Company agreed to give Eastern a trial shipment, but they did so in a very strategic way. The Company decided to split their normal cargo — sending half with their normal provider and the other half was entrusted to Eastern.

By conducting their own real world research, the Company was able to see for themselves how two identical shipments could be handled in such dramatically different ways.


With just one chance to reverse the Company’s experience, Eastern was able to deliver impressively across the breadth of the Company’s wish list.

astern’s team started by establishing a more collaborative relationship with the Company. That genuine partnership was further cultivated with ongoing face-to-face engagement— something the Company had not experienced previously.

The Company also noted that Eastern’s PersonalTouch service team provided proactive updates. In addition, RealStatus tracking information was consistently more accurate and reliable.

Ultimately, the Company expressed their gratitude for the surprising benefits: better communication flow, helping to streamline their workload, reducing their headaches, avoiding unexpected charges with Eastern's TrueQuote pricing, and virtually eliminating any uncertainty.

Together, all of those benefits added up to a better shipping experience that provided more on every level.




“When we compared how two identical shipments were handled, it’s fair to say there really wasn’t any comparison. And in terms of our stress level, we’re talkin’ light-years of improvement.”

— Transportation Manager, Profiled Company