CBP publishes modifications for Entry Type 86

Februar 13, 2024

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has recently overhauled its strategy for the ACE Entry Type 86 Test, a program designed to streamline electronic entry processes for low-value shipments within the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). This update, detailed in a republished notice, aims to clarify regulations and curb misconduct among participants in the test.

Launched in September 2019, the ACE Entry Type 86 Test continues to operate indefinitely. The latest notice introduces a significant change to the filing deadline for entry type 86, shifting it from "within 15 days" of cargo arrival to "upon or prior to arrival." Previously, participants were granted a 15-day window after cargo arrival for filing, but this adjustment aims to better align the process with the test's goal of efficiency.

Enforcement challenges surrounding low-value shipments processed through the ACE Entry Type 86 Test prompted these modifications. CBP's efforts to combat the importation of illicit substances, counterfeit goods, intellectual property rights violations, and products made through forced labor have underscored the necessity for stricter regulations. Instances of misconduct, such as unauthorized entry, inaccurate manifesting, and misclassification, have been revealed during enforcement actions.

To address these issues, CBP has implemented several amendments to the ACE Entry Type 86 Test. Notably, the revised filing deadline seeks to maintain consistency with the expedited processing objectives of the test. Additionally, the updated notice clarifies waived regulations and outlines consequences for misconduct, ensuring accountability among participants.

Furthermore, the notice introduces stylistic and structural enhancements to enhance readability and navigation. These changes represent CBP's proactive approach to resolving enforcement challenges and optimizing the effectiveness of the ACE Entry Type 86 Test in facilitating the secure processing of low-value shipments through the ACE platform.

To view the updated published notice, visit The Federal Register

To learn more about the Section 321, 19 USC 1321 statute that describes de minimis, visit U.S. Customs and Border Protection Trade Enforcement Act