EU Ends Antitrust Exemption for Shipping Consortia

Oktober 11, 2023

The European Commission has opted not to extend the Consortia Block Exemption Regulation (CBER), which previously exempted liner shipping consortia from EU antitrust rules. Following a review process that began in August 2022, the Commission has concluded that the CBER's effectiveness was limited from 2020 to 2023. This means that the CBER will expire on April 25, 2024. Carriers operating to or from the EU will need to evaluate their cooperation agreements under EU antitrust rules based on other regulations after the CBER's expiration.

Liner shipping services, typically involving multiple shipping companies working together in consortia, play a crucial role in maritime cargo transport. The decision aligns with the European Commission's commitment to fostering fair competition in the shipping sector while benefiting consumers and promoting economic progress.

For additional information, please visit the European Union's official website. You can find further details on the Commission's competition website, specifically in the maritime transport section, and in the relevant Q&A document.