Importers Could Face Higher Tariffs Jan. 1

Dezember 18, 2023

Importers of various goods from China could potentially face heightened tariffs starting January 1, 2024, should hundreds of Section 301 tariff exclusions expire as scheduled on December 31. These exclusions encompass over 300 products and include exemptions for 77 medical care products crucial for addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, these exclusions apply to any product meeting specified HTSUS numbers and product descriptions, regardless of whether importers submitted an exclusion request. Any reinstated tariffs would supplement those already in effect on imports worth hundreds of billions of dollars from China. These existing tariffs are anticipated to persist, regardless of the ongoing review by the Biden administration expected to conclude by the end of this year. U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai has indicated the possibility of changes, including removals, additions, and the introduction of a new exclusion process.