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Eastern Shipping Worldwide Pledges Environmental Commitment through Terrapass Partnership

enero 31, 2024

Eastern Shipping Worldwide, a global leader in freight forwarding and logistics, strengthened its commitment to environmental sustainability by partnering with Terrapass to offset their carbon emissions. Operating across three continents, Eastern Shipping Worldwide delivers comprehensive services in ocean freight, air cargo, intermodal rail, and trucking transportation.

Eastern's collaboration with Terrapass reflects a responsible and proactive approach to fulfilling their commitment to replenishing spent resources for energy balance. Terrapass, driven by a dedicated mission to combat climate change, offers practical solutions for reducing carbon footprints. Emphasizing immediate impact and adherence to the highest standards, Terrapass exclusively sources carbon offsets from projects actively reducing CO2e emissions today. This aligns with Eastern's dedication to environmental stewardship, in line with a broader trend in the business world towards sustainable practices.

Klawock Heenya.png

Eastern proudly supports the Klawock Heenya Forestry Project in Alaska through Terrapass, verified by the American Carbon Registry. This initiative protects 8,600 acres of forest on Prince of Wales Island, including 1,000 acres of old-growth forest, preserving biodiversity and ensuring the long-term health of the ecosystem. The collaboration emphasizes corporate responsibility in addressing climate change, highlighting the growing significance of sustainable practices in business.