About Us

Easy going — every day.

While we’ve moved tons of freight over the years, our commitment to the happiness of our customers hasn’t budged an inch.

In 2001, Eastern first started caring for customers and their cargo. Since then, our customers have become happy regulars, helping us grow into a global leader in shipping and logistics.

If you choose Eastern, you will be partnered with one of our dedicated operations representatives. Our team has a distinct advantage with more tools — and better tools — to serve your business. That advantage allows us to provide excellent support and more accurate information whenever you need it.

Global care 24/7

Located in the U.S., Europe, and China, our global team speaks logistics in every language. Eastern closely monitors every shipment every minute of the day — alerting you by phone and email as your shipment progresses through the supply chain.

Data-driven shipping

Our representatives rely on a robust information tracking system that helps to minimize surplus inventory and reduce your overall supply chain costs. And because we don’t inflate delivery-cycle times, you can trust our intel to be timely and accurate. When your shipment moves, we will be one step ahead of it.

Convenient coverage

Instantly access and track your bookings online at any time. Our superior reporting features also allow you to access the information you need to create your own benchmarks and review your past shipments.

Single source for your transportation and logistics requirements

From ocean, land, and air, to procurement, customs, and delivery, Eastern provides a customer experience you can feel good about. Stress-free for you, spot on with your budget, and on track with your cargo. An easy going experience all the way around.