Improved data accuracy pays off

One customer explains the advantages using Eastern’s RealStatus tracking tools.

Experience streamlined logistics with Eastern's RealStatus Cargo Tracking. As a leading manufacturer and distributor of personal care products, precision and timeliness are paramount for success. With a vast network spanning retail stores, drug outlets, and global distributors, efficient international routing is non-negotiable. Eastern's RealStatus Cargo Tracking emerges as the indispensable tool, offering real-time insights and unparalleled visibility across the diverse and robust supply chain. Join the ranks of satisfied customers as Eastern elevates your logistics experience to new heights of efficiency and reliability.





RealStatus Cargo Tracking


Consumer Goods / Personal Care Products


Manufacturer and distributor of a wide variety of personal care products. The product line includes a variety of skin care and sun care products, as well as other consumer packaged goods. The Company sells its products through retail stores, drug store outlets, and a network of distributors worldwide. Their success depends on timely and accurate international routing of a diverse and robust supply chain.


Our customer was enjoying what every company strives for— an uptick in business activity and an increase in new orders. With all cylinders revving, it was more important than ever to keep things running smoothly.

To ensure success, their entire team needed the ability to access the same information simultaneously. Concurrent access would be the only way to effectively manage labor demands, increased production hours, scheduling multiple shifts, and influx of orders while providing quick and accurate response times — from production, to shipping, and delivery.

In essence, business growth could not detract from their high-quality standards throughout the supply chain. Meeting critical delivery dates while controlling transportation costs was still their highest priority.

The Company struggled to obtain accurate ETA information on over 90% of its imports. Arrival dates varied by up to 15 days from the initial information supplied by the service provider.

The costs to the company from this lack of visibility included:

  • Challenges to accurately communicate delivery schedules with customers
  • Unknown and varying cash flow requirements
  • Scheduling issues and warehouse space problems
  • Mis-communication with suppliers about production forecasting


Eastern was able to step in and seamlessly implement our RealStatus cargo tracking process to provide personal updates communicated directly from Eastern team members.

Plus, real-time reporting was available remotely —24/ 7— to provide the customer with end-to-end visibility of their cargo transportation status.

Overnight, updates were managed by Eastern’s China team; they coordinated with suppliers to have the most up-to-date information documented around the clock.

Eastern collaborated with all stakeholders to facilitate the oversight required for managing their complex international transportation needs.


Eastern was pivotal in helping to convert a 90% inaccuracy rate to an astounding +99.4% accuracy rate on ETA’s provided to the Company.

Eastern’s ability to provide real-time data, allowed the Company to streamline orders throughout the transportation process.

Supplier turnaround times were more expeditious, and the shipping and sales teams were better aligned in planning and executing with limited reworks on the production floor.

Today the comptroller indicates that her workload is easier to manage, saving her hours throughout the week because she doesn’t have to validate the information multiple times a day.

The Company’s logistics team has most noted the dramatic reduction in their frustration level and a newfound ease throughout the process.



“I no longer have to validate information multiple times every day. Now, my workload is much easier to manage and the process actually saves me hours of tracking time every week.”

— Comptroller/ Project Lead, Profiled Company