Case Studies

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Explore our Case Studies to witness how our tailored solutions and unwavering commitment have transformed challenges into triumphs across diverse industries.

Agriculture & Horticulture

In the realm of Crop Production & Farming, where rising transportation costs loomed large, Eastern's intervention proved transformative. Through meticulous Duty Exemption & Processing and Tariff Code Classification, Eastern uncovered an unprecedented provision, delivering a staggering $185k tariff refund to the farming company. Witness the power of strategic partnership as Eastern alleviates financial strain, setting the stage for renewed prosperity in the face of global challenges.



For a Construction & Building Materials Supplier plagued by inconsistency and unresolved disputes with their former freight forwarder, Eastern emerges as the beacon of transformation. With TrueQuote Pricing ensuring precision in quotes, RealStatus Cargo Tracking providing real-time visibility, and PersonalTouch Service delivering tailored support, Eastern empowers the supplier to reclaim total transportation control. Witness a paradigm shift as Eastern orchestrates a 180˚ improvement in customer experience, setting new standards of excellence in the industry.


Home & Office Furnishings

For a Home & Office Furnishing Manufacturer besieged by inconsistent service and billing discrepancies from previous freight forwarders, TrueQuote Pricing emerged as the beacon of reliability. Achieving 100% pricing accuracy, Eastern empowered the manufacturer with meticulous budgeting forecasts, setting a new standard in precision and trust.


Consumer Goods

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of personal care products, precision and timeliness are paramount for success. With a vast network spanning retail stores, drug outlets, and global distributors, efficient international routing is non-negotiable. Eastern's RealStatus Cargo Tracking emerges as the indispensable tool, offering real-time insights and unparalleled visibility across the diverse and robust supply chain.