Our quote is our promise.

Have you ever been promised “the absolute best price” for a shipment — then were shocked when you got the final invoice, loaded with unexpected post-shipment billing charges, and added fees? Guess what: it happens all the time in the shipping business.

How can our quotes be so accurate, every single time?

Eastern takes considerable effort to analyze industry data, compare transportation rates, and evaluate historical market trends.

We don’t try to “hook" you with an artificially low price, just to beat the competition and make a sale.

Instead, we give you the right price — the accurate price — so you always know how much you’ll owe before we ship. Because we provide numbers that you can rely on, you can plan better and breathe easier.

  1. We begin with an in-depth market analysis. 
    Eastern doesn’t just consider current industry rates. Longterm data and market fluctuations are analyzed to identify trends.
  2. Then, we calculate your estimate.
    When we provide you with a quote, you can be assured that it is a real rate assured by Eastern’s TrueQuote pricing.
  3. The result: an accurate final invoice.
    This is the moment of truth. Put us to the test and compare for yourself. Our quote is our reputation.