Where is it? We’re always on it.

Say goodbye to sending worried emails. Eastern’s sophisticated tracking technology and experienced global team always know where your shipment is and when you should expect delivery.

We take nothing for granted.

Eastern’s RealStatus cargo tracking leads the way in accuracy, on-demand reporting, and expedient data communication.

Our team measures multiple channels of raw industry data against real world circumstances — congestion, weather, driver shortages — to accurately assess conditions and keep you informed by the minute.

Yet, while we might use this powerful tracking software, we don’t rely on data alone.

Real people

We rely on our relationships with real people. Every day we call, text, email, and meet with insiders on the ground. We believe real conversations — and real relationships — will always give us the edge when it comes to your delivery.

Our expertise and personal connections enable us to anticipate potential delays, decode problems, and deliver accurate information so you can stay informed and your cargo can move safely on schedule. If anything comes up, we send real-time emails and phone alerts to report all ETD/ETA changes.

Your data when you need it

We know that you might need information on your shipment at any time. Because of this, we provide convenient on-demand reporting updated 24/7. Access secured status updates via our website, email, and phone — all in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Through your Eastern account, you have access to an immense amount of data on your shipments. From customized reporting to transit cycle times, we can help you extract a wealth of information and analyze that data in meaningful ways.