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Changes to Section 232 Exclusions Deactivation Threshold Effective February 15, 2024

January 8, 2024

Starting February 15, 2024, some Section 232 exclusions will be deactivated in the ACE system when the imported quantity reaches 95% of the allocated amount, instead of the previous 100%. This change applies to exclusions for non-quota countries, the European Union (EU) countries under Section 232 steel tariff rate quotas (TRQs), and exclusions for multiple countries facing both Section 232 duties and quotas. Once deactivated, importers can't use these exclusions for new entries and must pay the appropriate Section 232 duties. Importers may file a Post Summary Correction (PSC) for certain exclusions deactivated below 100% to claim remaining amounts and seek a refund of paid Section 232 duties. However, for exclusions valid for multiple countries under both duties and quotas, importers can only file a PSC for Section 232 duty countries or EU steel tariff rate quotas. Other Section 232 exclusions remain subject to the 100% threshold for deactivation, as PSC cannot be used to claim remaining amounts for these.

For more information, visit CBP's Cargo Systems Messaging Service #58942510