How The Eastern Way Minimizes Post-Shipment Charges

The best way to save money on detention and demurrage is to pick-up and return the container within the allotted free time. Eastern does this through a healthy line of communication with our drayage providers as well as an effective internal process which aids in cost mitigation with the carriers. Simply put, Eastern proactively advocates for its clients to ensure the best value for the shipment. Eastern’s willingness and ability to communicate with all stakeholders, to efficiently pick up and return containers, is consistently recognized by Eastern customers as a major cost savings advantage over Eastern’s competitors.



Eastern takes a considerable effort to analyze industry data, compare transportation rates, and evaluate historical market trends. Eastern thrives to provide their customers with an accurate quote so they always know the true and accurate costs before anything is even shipped. By providing a TrueQuote, Eastern minimizes any post-shipment billing charges and added fees to allow manufacturers and suppliers better plan and budget their supply chain. 

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When utilizing Eastern as your freight forwarder, you are assigned a PersonalTouch team consisting of an Operations Analyst, Sales Administrator, and Customs Broker. This team proactively coordinates and tracks your shipment to ensure transparency and full communication to all parties involved to mitigate delays and arrange for timely pick-up and deliveries of containers and shipments. Your PersonalTouch team can assist in providing you with alternative options, in the event of an anticipated delay, to mitigate post-shipment fees and charges.  Eastern's PersonalTouch team does their due diligence and disputes any unnecessary and unwarranted detention and demurrage fees prior to invoicing our customers to ensure that any post-shipment fees and costs are at a minimum before the customer even receives the bill.



Through our Eastern’s RealStatus portal, clients can track their cargo in real-time, create on-demand reports and view any documents related to their shipment at any time. Enabling our clients to access transparent and accurate information in real time allows them to better manage their supply chain to prevent possible detention and demurrage charges. Knowing accurate ETA’s enables Eastern clients to ensure warehouse space and staffing to mitigate, if not eliminate, any possible detention costs. Having documents readily available can also help mitigate any further delays. Should a detention or demurrage charge need a dispute, no productivity time is lost since all supporting documents are made readily available for you through our RealStatus portal.

Eastern CHB

Eastern CHB is the in-house customs brokerage team for Eastern. Having an in-house customs brokerage team within your freight forwarder ensures that all customs and shipping documents are prepared for arrival. Eastern's Customs Brokerage team ensures that any customs duties, payments, and fees are made prior to the arrival of the cargo to ensure its release, further mitigating any demurrage or detention fees. Eastern also encourages their clients to become a CTPAT Partner to help reduce CBP Cargo Exams on their shipments. To learn more about becoming a CTPAT Partner, visit CTPAT - Benefits of Becoming a Partner (

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Eastern has eight offices on three continents. Local support at any time zone is always available. Eastern Shipping does not utilize third-party call centers so rest assured when you reach out to us for support, know that you are speaking with a knowledgeable freight forwarding expert. Our culturally diverse team speaks a wide variety of languages to better serve our global clientele. In fact, over half of Eastern Shipping’s Team speaks a second language. This means better service for our clients and better professional partnerships across the globe. Having a multilingual team means no language barriers, therefore, any possible detention and demurrage information communicated is always clear, concise, accurate, documented, and mitigated.