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Eastern Tees Up for a Good Cause at ECAF's 27th Annual Golf Classic and Awards Dinner

August 22, 2023

In a world where business is often defined solely by profit, Eastern emerges as a company that values community impact above all else. Through its two dynamic brands, Eastern Shipping Worldwide and Eastern Racing, the company underscores its unwavering commitment to positive change. A notable instance of this dedication is Eastern's participation in the Elmhurst Children's Assistance Foundation (ECAF) 27th Annual Golf Classic and Awards Dinner.

Eastern Shipping Worldwide: A Commitment Beyond Commerce

Rooted in the heartland of Iowa, Founder and President Eric Wagner infuses the company's culture with Midwestern values. Anchored in principles and a pursuit of customer satisfaction, Eastern Shipping Worldwide adheres to a straightforward business approach centered around three core tenets: Personal Service, Reliable Information, and Trustworthy Communication. These guiding principles, underpinned by Eastern's "Easy going" philosophy, yield an impressive 98% customer retention rate—a testament to the company's unwavering commitment.

Eastern Racing: Precision + Purpose

Eastern Racing, bearing the tagline "Precision + Purpose," embodies values that go beyond the racetrack. It's not just about speed or victory; it's about meticulous attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence. "Driven to do it right," encapsulates their commitment to precision and their determination to make a positive impact beyond the racing circuit.

Supporting ECAF: A Commitment to the Community

Central to Eastern's values is a genuine commitment to giving back. Collaborating actively with organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Project, Eastern supports causes that truly matter. Among these causes, the Elmhurst Children's Assistance Foundation (ECAF) stands out, aiming to provide vital support to families grappling with serious medical or disabling conditions. ECAF's unwavering assistance spans medical bills, therapeutic services, adaptive equipment, and more, lightening the burden for families during challenging times.

Eastern's Swing for Change: ECAF 27th Annual Golf Classic and Awards Dinner

The ECAF 27th Annual Golf Classic and Awards Dinner is an embodiment of Eastern's dedication to community service. Represented by Dave Cooper, Eric Wagner, Jack Wagner,  and Sean Kwon, Eastern teed up for a cause. Beyond honoring individuals like Kristin Morrow and Dawn Wheatland with the "Friend of the Children" award, the event serves as a platform to raise funds directly benefiting those in need.

The day's proceedings commenced with a check-in at 11:30 am, followed by a Shotgun Start at 1:00 pm, culminating in a dinner and award ceremony at 6:30 pm. The lush, well-maintained golf course provided the perfect backdrop for participants to contribute to a worthy cause while enjoying a day of camaraderie and purpose.

Join the Movement: Be Part of Eastern's Impact

Eastern's commitment to fostering positive change continues to inspire. To learn more about Eastern's mission and the organizations it supports, visit:

- Elmhurst Children’s Assistance Foundation (ECAF)www.ecaf4kids.org
- Eastern Shipping Worldwidewww.easternworldwide.com
- Eastern Racingwww.easternracing.com

Eastern's presence goes beyond the boardroom, resonating through their involvement in events like the ECAF 27th Annual Golf Classic and Awards Dinner. By combining business excellence with a commitment to community upliftment, Eastern continues to tee up for good, making a difference where it matters most.

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